Happy Birthday

May 14, 2021 | Business world, Intaf Group

José Ramón Franco turns 65 years old

The workers who make up the staff of different companies that are part of the Intaf Group surprised this week the businessman José Ramón Franco Caaveiro, on the occasion of his 65th birthday. After 49 years at the foot of the cannon, the workers and the family of Jose Ramón wanted to surprise him in such a special celebration taking into account that 65 years old is an age closely associated with retirement, although José Ramón Franco, continues to lead the Intaf Group, which in this year 2021 celebrates its 80th anniversary without buckling under the crisis affecting the industry of the region and betting on new market niches that allow it to continue growing and generating employment. It is worth noting that the group, through the company Sincro Mecánica and its joint ventures with other partners, Cogaltra and Evolventia, is currently implementing an investment plan of more than five million euros. Through this investment plan, which is being developed in the As Lagoas industrial estate in Narón, the facilities will be extended by more than 5,000 square metres to improve both logistics and production capacity with the intention of launching a new industrial service, the heat treatment of steel, supported by the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion, a body attached to the Second Vice-Presidency and Regional Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation.