The company RenerCycle plans to create 50 jobs in Navarra in a recycling plant for the renewable industry

Sep 21, 2022 | Business world, Press

The company RenerCycle plans to set up a plant for the recycling and reconditioning of renewable industry components in Navarra.

Group photo in the Palacio de Navarra of authorities and members of the Board of Directors of the new company RenerCycle.

The President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, has taken part in a meeting with members of the Board of Directors of the new company RenerCycle, which plans to set up a plant for the recycling and reconditioning of renewable industry components in the region. The Regional Minister for Economic and Business Development, Mikel Irujo, also took part in the meeting.

This is a new economic activity, as there are no companies of this type in Navarra or in Spain at the moment.

During the meeting, Chivite stressed that this project “consolidates Navarra’s leadership in the renewables sector by being a perfect example of circular economy”, as “its proposal for reconditioning and recycling components from the wind industry will allow the wind turbine life cycle to be closed, including R&D to achieve efficient manufacturing processes with the use of natural resources and energy”.

Navarra to host Spain’s first wind turbine blade recycling plant.

Action in wind farms, photovoltaic plants and battery storage

The company plans to start operations in 2023, and its plans include an investment of 10 million euros and the creation of fifty jobs over three years. It will launch three lines of business: dismantling and industrial reconditioning of the main components of wind turbines; recovery of certain raw materials such as steels and melts; and recycling of non-reusable glass fibre composites and resins. The aim is to achieve “zero waste” in the process of dismantling wind farms since, according to the company, around 50,000 turbines are expected to reach the end of their useful life cycle in Europe by 2030. The intention is to extend its services to other areas that require circularity solutions, such as photovoltaic or battery storage.

In this regard, the Regional Minister for Economic and Business Development, Mikel Irujo, stressed that “sustainability, circularity and digital transformation are three pillars that make up the transformation of the current production model that is promoted from Europe through the Next Generation funds and is key to improving the competitiveness of companies and the region. The S4 Smart Specialisation Strategy, as well as the Navarra Industrial Plan, incorporate the circular economy as a transversal axis in regional economic and business development policies, which constitutes an important vector for the development of R&D&I and the generation of knowledge”. For Irujo, “the RenerCycle project fits in and represents all this with a proposal that has circularity in its DNA and implements it in its processes, as well as contributing to the generation of employment, to industrial GDP and for Navarra to continue to be a benchmark in the field of renewables and an energy transition “made in Navarra”.

The company Renercycle

RenerCycle has 17 associated companies with experience in the renewables sector and in the wind energy sector in particular, 11 of which are from Navarra, which gives the project a strong local component. These are: ACCIONA Energía, Enerfin, Sidenhol (Sidenor and Enhol Group), Nordex, Ingeteam, Inpre, Laulagun Bearings, Grupo Hine Renovables, Mekatar Group, Frenos Iruña, Saprem, Tetrace, Lizarte, Sincro Mecánica, Abintus Engineering, EO6 Ingeniería and EIT Innoenergy.

In addition to the President and the Minister Irujo, the meeting was attended by the Director General of Industry, Energy and Strategic Projects S4, Uxue Itoiz, and the Managing Director of the Corporación Empresarial de Navarra, Francisco Fernández Nistal. RenerCycle was represented by: Jose Ramón Franco Caaveiro, president of the INTAF Group (Galicia); Juan José Taibo Rey, general manager of SincroMecánica (Galicia); Javier Villanueva Latorre, managing partner of Abintus Engineering (Navarra); Ciro Larrañeta López, executive director of Tetrace (Navarra); Maria Llorente Garcia, general manager of Tetrace (Navarra); Óscar Huarte Azpíroz, president of Lizarte (Navarra); Martín Flores Razquin, General Manager of INPRE (Navarra); Sara Bernaldo de Quirós, Investment Manager of ACCIONA Energía (Madrid); José Entrecanales Carrión, Director of Corporate Development and Strategy of ACCIONA Energía (Madrid); Aitor Zurutuza Santa Cruz, Technology Director of Laulagun (Gipuzkoa); Francisco Ceberio Maiza, President of Frenos Iruña (Navarra); Ana Goyen Peréz, General Manager of Eólica de Ingeteam (Navarra); Xabier Ezquer González, General Manager of SAPREM (Navarra); Jesús Javier Cía Barrio and Victoria Marinescu Seremet, partner and associate of the Idalia law firm (Navarra); José Castellanos Ybarra, Chairman of Enerfin (Madrid); Valeria Basterra Taramona, Technology Manager of Enerfin (Madrid); Alberto Bastida Cruz, General Manager of Sidenhol (Bizkaia); Diego Oliver Gimeno, General Manager of Enhol Group (Navarra); Gonzalo Oliver, General Manager (joint) of Enhol; Victor Equisoain Janariz, Managing Director of Nordex Internacional (Navarra); Jorge Ruiz Orcajo, General Manager of Engineering of EO6 (Navarra); Lander Guibelalde, President of HINE Group (Gipuzkoa); and Jorge Ruiz, Managing Director of Mekatar Group (Navarra).