Tecman Maintenance and Services, a company belonging to the Intaf Group, collaborates with Navantia in the maintenance of one of the icons of Ferrol and the region, the gantry crane located in the former Astano in the Fene Shipyard. The works give continuity to those executed previously and consist of the replacement of cables and part of the drive gear of the drums, with the aim of adapting the installation to the current production needs and extending its useful life.


The Gantry is 145 meters wide, has a height of 98 meters and a lifting capacity of 800 tons; due to its dimensions and capacities, it is a key element and competitive factor to undertake the next offshore wind projects, so maximum availability and compliance with construction standards in the wind sector is required.

Tecman Team

On Tecman’s side, engineers and operators specialized in maintenance and mechanical assembly, with extensive experience in this type of services, are participating in the project.