Galician Consortium
of Thermal Treatments

Heat treatment of large steels
in vacuum furnace

Multi-sectoral activity

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COGALTRA is a company established in 2020, promoted by Grupo Intaf and Tumbadoiro, with the participation of Mecanizados Moan, Demaq and Ipargama. It has been financed by IGAPE in the framework of the Advanced Manufacturing Centres programme, financed with FEDER funds. It will start its heat treatment activity in 2022, applying the most innovative production technologies on the market.

The project was created to address the shortage of companies that carry out heat treatments on steels, with the dimensions, quality, price and timeframe appropriate to the needs of the promoters and those entities that have shown their interest and in general to the Galician industrial fabric that continuously demands this process.



  • Vacuum carburising and vacuum quenching and tempering of steel parts
  • Vacuum oil quenching
  • Stress relieving
  • Chemical composition analysis of metals based on iron, copper or aluminium
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Hardness chain and layer thicknesses
  • Surface hardness 


  • Vacuum carburising and quenching furnace with a maximum load capacity of 3,000 kg. Maximum charge dimensions of ø1500×2000 mm.
  • Tempering and stress relieving furnace, with a maximum temperature of 750 ºC and uniformity of ±7ºC. Capacity up to 3500 kgs and load dimensions of 1800x1800x2300 mm.
  • Compact portable spectrometer, with optical emission by UV spark excitation for determining the chemical composition of iron, copper and aluminium based materials.
  • Metallographic laboratory equipped for sample preparation (cutter, press and automatic polishing machine).
  • Vickers hardness tester with motorised table and capable of handling loads from 50 g to 10 kg (HV0.05 to HV10).
  • Calibrated inverted microscope with 5X, 10X, 20X and 50X objectives.

Price list

These rates may vary
for reasons of urgency and volume.


Intaf activates in Narón its unique steel parts treatment centre in Spain

Intaf activates in Narón its unique steel parts treatment centre in Spain

Alfonso Rueda celebrates a project that will serve “200 companies in Galicia”. The Intaf Group has already started up its centre for the treatment of large steel parts. It is a unique infrastructure in Spain. The main feature of the manufacturing centre is a system of furnaces in which an investment of more than 2.6 million euros has been made (80% financed by the Xunta de Galicia through the Igape).

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Estrada de Cedeira 199
15570 – Narón (A Coruña) – Spain
Tel. +34 981 397 142

Estrada de Cedeira 199
15570 – Narón (A Coruña) – Spain
Tel. +34 981 397 142