Manufacture and assembly of industrial equipment.
Boilermaking and machining. Industrial repairs.

Innovation, effort and a great team,
the key to our success.


naval sector

(civilian and military)



INTAF PROMECAN was founded in 1941 and is a company that manufactures capital goods, machining, boilermaking and surface treatment activities. It belongs to the Intaf Group and as a whole offers multidisciplinary products and services in the metal-mechanical field in multiple sectors (energy -renewable and conventional-, metallurgical, naval, port, etc.).

With an accumulated experience of more than 80 years in the market, INTAF PROMECAN was created in 2014 by Universal segregation of the branch of Industrias y Talleres Franco S.L. originally Talleres Ramón Franco.

It is made up of a group of people who work as a team, have multidisciplinary training and combine youth and experience. Currently, the strategy is aimed at having the capabilities of an industry 4.0, for which it continuously invests in technologically advanced machinery, infrastructure, software development and training, allowing it to tackle from conventional projects to those that require a high technological component.

Areas and Services

Manufacture and assembly of industrial equipment



Surface treatments


The Group currently has 35,000 square metres of covered surface area and industrial space in the municipality of Narón (A Coruña), located in the As Lagoas and Río do Pozo industrial estates.

INTAF PROMECAN currently has an infrastructure with a lay-out that guarantees efficiency in the development of the production process, the prevention of occupational hazards and environmental protection. In addition, the continuous investment in equipment and qualification of its human resources, allows it to have technologically advanced machinery, which facilitates the versatility to adapt to the needs of each client, helps to reduce delivery times and ensures the quality of each delivery.



50 tons


ø 5 m
lenght 2,3 m

ø 2 m
lenght 12 m


horizontal 20 m
vertical 4 m
transverse 2 m

Cylindrical grinding

ø ext. 1,2 m
height 700 mm
2,5 t

ø ext. 455 mm
lenght 2 m
1 t



16 x 5 x 5 m
20 t


Convinced of the importance of innovation and the optimisation of management efficiency and effectiveness, and applying a firm focus on the customer and processes, INTAF PROMECAN has developed and implemented a Management System in which three core aspects of the activity coexist in an integrated manner: quality, environment and occupational risk prevention.

This system has been developed based on the following standards:

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001.
  • UNE-EN ISO 14001.
  • OHAS 18001.
  • It has been certified by Det Norske Veritas, an accredited certification body.
  • INTAF PROMECAN is registered in the Register of Companies of the General Directorate of Armament and Material, as well as accreditation as a Manufacturer of Pressure Equipment.
  • Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials UNE-EN ISO 3834-2.
  • Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components UNE-EN 1090.
  • Approval of the boiler/welding area by DNV-GL.


Intaf activates in Narón its unique steel parts treatment centre in Spain

Intaf activates in Narón its unique steel parts treatment centre in Spain

Alfonso Rueda celebrates a project that will serve “200 companies in Galicia”. The Intaf Group has already started up its centre for the treatment of large steel parts. It is a unique infrastructure in Spain. The main feature of the manufacturing centre is a system of furnaces in which an investment of more than 2.6 million euros has been made (80% financed by the Xunta de Galicia through the Igape).

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Estrada de Cedeira 209
15570 – Narón (A Coruña) – Spain
Tel. +34 981 397 142

Estrada de Cedeira 209
15570 – Narón (A Coruña) – Spain
Tel. +34 981 397 142

Support programmes

R&D   ·   Projects

Intaf Promecan participates in the definition of requirements and validation of demonstrators in the D3SFILA project, Integral and Efficient System for Laser Additive Manufacturing with Multidirectional Yarn Contribution.